Franken to Resign

Minnesota Democtratic Sen. Al Franken announced this morning he plans to step down from the U.S. Senate seat he won from incumbent Republican Norm Coleman in 2008, amid allegations of inappropriate behavior from several women. Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to appoint Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to serve in the Senate until an anticipated special election in 2018.

7th District DFL Congressman Collin Peterson responded to Franken’s decision, saying [quote] “The behavior described in these continued allegations is out of line and unacceptable. Senator Franken is making the right choice by resigning,” [end quote]

On the Senate floor, Franken said he could no longer be an effective senator for Minnesota. He said there is some “irony” in the fact that he is resigning, while a man who has “bragged” about sexual assault is president.