Archives for March 2018

Real ID Act Will Soon Affect Minnesota Travelers

Minnesota lawmakers want Minnesota to get an extension from the Federal Government for compliance with the REAL ID ACT, so residents can still board domestic flights with state driver’s licenses after October 10. Without the extension from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Minnesota residents who try to board domestic flights, enter a military base or gain access to some other federal installations will no longer be able to do so with a standard Minnesota driver’s license after that date. Other states have run up against the same thing, and the extension is considered “routine.”

Minnesota Graduation Rates On The Rise

High school graduation rates have inched up across Minnesota. According to the Department of Education, they now stand at 83 percent, improving by one-sixth of a percentage point since the last survey. High school completion has been trending up in Minnesota for several years, even as standardized math and reading test scores largely have been flat.