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Daytone Asks President For Disaster Declaration

Governor Mark Dayton is asking President Trump to declare 28 counties and three tribal nations a federal disaster area, after the storms and flooding that hit northeast, northwest and southwest Minnesota from mid June into July. If the White House grants Dayton’s request, it would make federal dollars available to help local governments repair damaged infrastructure.


Minnesota’s controversial ag buffer law was a point of contention among candidates for governor at today’s Farmfest debate. Democrat Lori Swanson says she believes that there is a common interest in making sure that people have clean water to drink. But the Republican candidates for governor say farmers were left out of the process. Jeff Johnson says state agencies have become so arrogant that they don’t care, and that absolutely has to change. Tim Pawlenty says farmers got stiff-armed. The primary election is next Tuesday.

Measels Confirmed In Hennepin County

A new case of measles has been confirmed in Hennepin County. The Minnesota Department of Health says a five-year-old child became ill shortly after returning from international travel to a region where measles is common. Last year, Minnesota experienced its largest measles outbreak since 1991, with 75 cases identified between April and August 2017. If you see symptoms of measles, the experts say call your doctor or clinic right away. Health officials say that if additional cases were to develop as a result of this case, they would likely occur between now and August 28th.

Pence In Minnesota Today

Vice President Mike Pence is in Duluth today, campaigning for 8th District U-S House candidate Pete Stauber. Hamline University analyst David Schultz…

VP Pence In Minnesota Today

Vice President Mike Pence is in Duluth today, campaigning for 8th District U-S House candidate Pete Stauber. Hamline University analyst David Schultz…

Pawlenty Pledges Walleye Surge

Former Governor Tim Pawlenty pledges if elected to a third term he’ll push for a “walleye surge” in Lake Mille Lacs (mil-LACKS)….

Fire In Blackduck

Flames broke out Friday at Serenity Living Solutions in Blackduck. According to Beltramin County Dispatch, the first calls for help came in just before 2am Friday, about a structure fire. Firefighters immediately rushed in, and everyone was evacuated from the building. Nobody was hurt. Although there is no indication of foul play, the State Fire Marshal is assisting with the investigation to try to determine what caused it.

VP Coming To Duluth

Vice President Mike Pence makes a campaign stop in Duluth on Wednesday for 8th District U-S House candidate Pete Stauber, who is expected to have an easy win in the primary election. Hamline University analyst David Schultz…


Three people in Minnesota became ill from cryptosporidiois (“crypto”) after visiting Shades of Sherwood Campground in Zumbrota and one required hospitalization. State Health Department spokeswoman Trisha Robinson…

Crypto spreads when people come in contact with fecal matter from an infected person or animal. Symptoms often include diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss and low-grade fever.


For about 45 minutes late Wednesday afternoon, 9-1-1 was down across all of Minnesota. The system-wide outage interrupted all emergency calls. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says the state’s service provider is investigating to find out what went wrong. In response, public safety agencies published alternative emergency contact numbers on social media like Facebook.